Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fundraising Event with Oregon Brass Qunitet

Come join us for a special evening on Monday, December 9 @ 7:30 p.m.

Oregon Brass Quintet featuring UO Student Ensembles
Central Presbyterian Church, 555 E 15th Ave, Eugene
No admission charged; suggested donation of $10

Co-sponsored by Central Presbyterian Church. Funds raised will go to support Opportunity Village Eugene, a project that provides transitional housing for homeless individuals and couples. University of Oregon student brass chamber groups will perform a benefit concert alongside their faculty members in the Oregon Brass Quintet. Music will include favorite holiday selections.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fundraiser at Cozmic - Thursday, September 19

Thursday, September 19, at Cozmic Pizza (199 W. 8th Ave., Eugene) from 5 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. $5 - $25 sliding scale.

Local acoustic groups, Two Doors Down and Cross Current, will perform as a benefit for Opportunity Village Eugene (transitional micro-housing for 30-45 homeless people) 

These two groups spun off from a group of local musicians -- The Avalonians -- who play regularly at the Avalon Lodge in the winter. More "Children of the Avalon" are expected to perform as well.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Big Build (and Dig)

In just 8 hours, we built 5 micro-homes, 10 raised garden beds, and dug a 200 ft. trench at 2 ft. deep to run our water line -- thanks to the Thrivent community for hosting such a great and productive event!  Here are some photos from the day of building and digging:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Upcoming Village Building Events

August 16 - Groundbreaking - starts at 10:00AM
We'll be having a ribbon cutting and then moving some panels from our shop (299 N. Garfield St.) to the Village site (111 N. Garfield St.).

August 18 - Relocate Bungalow - starts at 1:30PM
We'll be disassembling the bungalow at Church of the Resurrection (3925 Hilyard St.) and relocate to Village site.  Meet at Church of the Resurrection.

August 18 - OVE Fundraiser at Cozmic Pizza - 7:00PM - 10:00PM
The event Features Brian Cutean, the Raging Grannies and the Steel Wool Band. $5 - $25 sliding scale.  See the Facebook event page for more information.

August 20 - Bungalow Assembly Training - starts at 9:00AM
Backyard Bungalows will be hosting a demonstration and training event as we assemble the first bungalow on the site.

August 22 - Conestoga Hut Build - starts at 9:AM
We'll be raising two new conestoga huts at the Village site.

August 24 - The Big Build - starts at 9:00AM
We'll be building 5 bungalows during a celebratory event hosted by Thrivent.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Conditional Use Permit Approved!

Our conditional use permit hearing was on Thursday and the project has been approved! Now it is just a matter of finishing the necessary paperwork.

Big thanks to Bill Randall who did a lot of the work for us to get our application into shape. Bill has been doing this work in Eugene for 20 years and has never seen a decision rendered at the public hearing before. It wasn't just that we didn't have any opposition, it was also that we had the support of city staff along with the powerful testimony from our residents and a couple of community members. Also big thanks to Tom Musselwhite, president of the Trainsong Association, who came on his own to express his support and Mary Sharon Moore from Occupy Interfaith who also spoke in favor.

Here are some testimonies from soon to be villagers:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bungalow Prototype for Opportunity Village

We've just built a new 8'x8' prototype in the side yard of the Walnut Street Co-op 
along with this sign describing its purpose.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Illustrative Plan for Garfield Site

The village program includes:

Village Gateway: An appropriately designed and crafted landmark that will introduce residents and visitors to the sustainable vision of Opportunity Village.
Welcome Kiosk (60sf): Located just inside the Village Gateway and staffed by village residents and/or trained volunteers to provide information to visitors and maintain a safe environment.
Administrative Center (120sf):  Adjacent to the kiosk, this multi-purpose structure will support the day to day operation of the village and include a loft for those on night shift security duty.
Covered Bicycle Parking: Secure and covered bicycle parking area near the front gate.
Dwellings (60-100sf): Micro-housing with lockable doors and front porches. The pilot project will be limited to no more than 30 dwelling units and is currently proposing the use of Conestoga Huts, Conic Shells, and Budget Bungalows.  See the Village Structure Catalog for more details.
Raised Garden Beds: Simple raised garden beds of varying sizes will provide organic food, an aesthetically pleasant environment, and the opportunity to invest in one’s immediate surroundings.
Donations & Tool Storage (200sf): A space to accommodate incoming donations to be organized for use and distribution.  These items will be part of the local village economy
Micro-Businesses: Accommodate independent work areas and feature display counters and windows where village residents can sell or trade their goods and services to support the village.
Greenhouse:  To support the ability for growing certain crops year round.  Additional uses may also be pursued in this area such as aquaponic systems, bee keeping, chicken coops, and composting
Garbage, Recycling & Compost Bins: Clustered for ease of access by residents and service trucks.
Pantry (160sf): An area for storing food.
Dining Area (400sf): An enclosed area adjacent to the Pantry and Covered Cooking Area for sharing meals and various other activities.  This space will also include a central electric charging station.
Covered Cooking Area (100sf):  A covered “barbecue” style cooking area that may be supported by a mobile food cart.
Restrooms & Showers: Three toilets (one ADA accessible), and two showers with sinks.
Notional Roundhouse (120sf): A flexible structure that can support a use desired by residents such as a spiritual sanctuary or village library.
Covered Gathering Area (750sf): A covered area that can accommodate 30 people and support informal and scheduled activities such as village meetings, celebrations, or public speaking.
Bunkhouse (200sf): To assist in the intake process, this space can house up to four new residents before they receive their micro-housing.
Defined Path Network: A defined, gravel path network that connects the various structures of the village and reduces mud during the wet season
Parking/Loading Area: Short-term parking will be provided just outside the front gate for visitors and loading/unloading.  There will be no long-term resident parking on site and the primary means of resident transportation is expected to be by bicycle or bus.  The non-profit organization will provide residents with bus passes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conestoga Hut Time Lapse

This time lapse video shows a Conestoga hut being constructed in the workshop of Community Supported Shelters and then carried next door to be assembled in the parking lot of the Apostolic Church next door.  It was the third hut to be assembled on the site.

Our partner, Community Supported Shelter, currently has an Indigogo campaign going called Tool Up for the Homeless to in order to fund more tools for volunteer work events like this.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Conestoga Huts in Use - Ready, Set, Go!

Mark and Dianne were the first two people placed in a Conestoga hut as a part of the city's car camping program.  OVE board member, Rev. Dr. Brent Was, and his congregation at the Church of the Resurrection are hosting the two Conestoga's and will soon be looking to add a third.  The components of the huts were constructed off site at our workshop space with a combination of new and recycled materials, and then assembled on site with help from Mark, Dianne, Community Supported Shelters and a couple handful of volunteers.  Thanks to all who came out to support the effort!

Check out the completed huts here.