Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Update

This week we hosted a 3rd grade field trip and built home number #25 and 26!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Opportunity Village inspires mini Conestogas in Westfield, New York:

"After learning more about an Episcopal Church parish in Eugene, Ore., who organized with the entire Eugene community to form a portable shelter village called "Opportunity Village," the idea began to grow legs and the vestry started thinking communally in its initial desire to help a handful of transient people in need. Volunteers from the church congregation lent their hands to construct the shelter out of basic materials and held an official blessing of the structure during their Sunday Coffee Hour. Despite limited parking space at the entrance of the church, the structure was out in the parking area for just a short period of time before it was officially occupied."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Economics of Opportunity Village

Analysis by Alex Daniell:

Opportunity Village Eugene, a transitional homeless village housing thirty people, cost less than $80,000 to build. It has eighteen solid walled “Bungalows”, including a kitchen and a Bath House; as well as nine “Conestoga Huts” and a heated thirty-foot yurt. How could this village possibly be built for under $80,000? And most importantly, can this prototype be repeated for a similar cost?

The answer to the first question can be summed up in one word: “Volunteerism”. The answer to the second question is: “Yes, if the same level of volunteerism continues.

Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE), spent $90,761.51 in the twelve month period of 2013 in which the above mentioned construction was completed. Most of this building took place in the last four months. In order to give an accurate baseline certain expenses need to be subtracted out. OVE purchased a total of 19 Conestoga huts for $20,140.49, or $1060.03 per hut. Only nine of these are at Opportunity Village. Ten of them, which cost $10,600.30, are part of the St. Vincent De Paul car camping program. In addition, OVE spent $1800 achieving it’s 501-C3 status. This leaves $78,361.21 in costs to build the Village.

For a total of $78,361.21 30 people were housed, for a cost of $2612.04 per person.