The mission of Opportunity Village Eugene is to create self-managed 
communities of low-cost tiny houses for those in need of housing.

"Opportunity Village was the stepping stone of my transition into society. After only a few months 
of living there my girlfriend and I now are living a life where we are able to sustain a home 
on our own after being homeless for 2 years. Thank you Opportunity Village." — Sam Johns

Collaboration between the housed and the unhoused

By joining together as peers, we form citizen-driven initiatives to create positive changes in attitudes, policies, and practices that harm the unhoused. In doing so, we provide opportunities for volunteers to positively impact the quality of life for everyone in our community.

Stable and safe places to be

By working in partnership with local municipalities and the surrounding community, we secure stable places to be for the unhoused and low-income. Safety is maintained through community agreements that all residents must abide by along with oversight provided by our non-profit board of directors.

Cost-effective, human-scale approaches

We hold a strong belief in self-governance and management in an effort to engage and empower members of our community. A dedication to building micro-housing combined with shared facilities allows for low-cost, low-impact development while providing each with a space of one’s own.

Transitioning the unhoused to more permanent living situations

Through a combination of peer support, skill building, opportunities for income generation, and connections with community resources, we provide a variety of means for transitioning to more permanent living situations. During changing economic times, we also strive to transition to a more sustainable vision of what those situations may look like.

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Interested in starting a village in your town? 

We receive a high volume of inquiries, which sometimes makes it difficult to respond to all of them promptly. We highly recommend first taking a look at our Google Drive, as many of your questions will likely be answered within the documents posted here.

For more, be sure to check out the resources available at: the Village Collaborative

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